Simplistic Stripes//

I have been super inspired lately by Pinterest, I tend to pin very simplistic, minimal looks as that is where I am aiming to take my wardrobe. I want to invest in pieces that are timeless that I'm able to reuse and re-jig season after season. The Parisians have totally nailed this ethos, so I tend to search "Parisian Fashion" or "French Fashion" and needless to say a lot of stripes, black, and leather tend to appear.

I recently did a little bit of Asos shopping and picked up this striped top, paired with black jeans, and loafers create a totally effortless look. As this is England we are talking about... a jacket, or cardigan is an essential, so again think simple. Duster coats and trench coats work beautifully with simple pieces, finalising the effortless chic the Parisians do so well.

In terms of make-up, again less is more so for this look it's just a quick sweep of mascara and eyebrows and your set..

In other news, I have become stupidly obsessed over "Dance Moms." How amazing is that show?! The bitchy-ness is on a whole new level..it' great!
I've also started getting my goodies for my holiday next week, i've been watching lots of "What's in my travel bag" on YouTube, and making lists..It's all very exciting! 

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