Job Interview Tips and Tricks

Its fast approaching the end of the academic year, with many people graduating from university, leaving college, school and even people simply looking for a new job.

With this in mind I thought I'd bundle together a few of my top tips for interviews. I will be graduating next year, so in no time interviews will (scarily) be becoming a huge part of my life.

I know the title of the post is "Interview tips and tricks".. but pre-interview is the job search and it is just as important. There are so many job searching websites out there, it can all get really overwhelming but City Calling is a great tool in finding the right Jobs Online for you, you as the job seeker are in control. You provide a little information about yourself, your CV and your personality and then sit back and let City Calling do all the hard work for you! What's more you can even search in cities worldwide - How cool is that! In my opinion its a seriously innovative method of searching for Jobs Online - take a look for yourself.

I can't say that I feel completely at ease in interviews, I mean who does?! Your basically being judged, which really isn't a nice feeling for anyone but its turning those negative feelings the word interviews (shudder*) gives us all, and turning them into positive ones! Doing so allows YOU to become in control of the situation and ultimately your life!


To some this may seem like a bit of a no brainer, but you'd be surprised by the amount of people that do turn up to interviews blind! You need to know this company like the back of your hand, be prepared for them to ask you almost anything that is related to their business. This could be to do with new and exciting developments within the sector, or even to do with their annual turnover..Know your facts! A handy way to keep you knowledge on the topic fresh is to set up Google alerts - it is a tool that sends you an email anytime a new story appears about the topic. How handy! It will seriously become your best friend!


The technological age that we're living in today means that a lot of the time an employer can easily do some research of their own...on you! I am the first to admit I LOVE social media, putting selfies up with my friends, pictures of my pets you name it, its probably on there. Do your friends enjoy this content, probably yes, will your future employers..my guess?! No. It's shocking how easy it is for people to have a snoop around your Facebook page without you knowing...so remove any questionable images, and get your privacy settings to the max. Same applies with Twitter and Instagram, Privatise!


You've done your research, you look professional, now believe in you!
Nerves are a completely normal pre-interview feeling, own in on them and take your nerves to a place where they help you. Instead of fear...excitement, you are ready to boss this interview! Arrive with plenty of time to spare, run over your research and don't forget to smile! Be warm and friendly, show your interviewer a part of your personality, they've probably already interviewed a good few other candidates,so you need to be memorable - in a good way of course! 


Ok, so your interview is over. You have researched the company/the business sector etc, so have some questions prepared to ask your interviewer. This shows that you are genuinely interested in the career, and you never know it may be that one things thats makes you memorable. It's a way of showing that you are keen to learn!

Do you have any interview tips you swear by?!
I will need all the advice I can get for next year.

Til' next time

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  1. Nice tips! I don't think I'll go to a job interview in the close future (I'm 13), but maybe next year I can use these tips when I go to the registration of high school! :)
    xx, Flora

    1. I'm glad they were helpful - Good luck with High School xx

  2. This couldn't have appeared at a better time for me, as I have two interviews tomorrow!

    You are spot on with research. This is such a great tip and works to show them you know your stuff but can also fill you with that desperately needed confidence. If you know what you're talking about then you're half way there.

    My only other thing I will be thinking of tomorrow, is enthusiasm! I reeeeally want a change in career and both interviews are for companies I would genuinely love to work for. So I figure if I show as much of that enthusiasm and positivity, then at least I can come across honest and interested!

    Faded Windmills

    1. Ooo I hope they wen't well!!
      Thank you - Definitely Enthusiasm is always a great aspect to show!! xx

  3. Ah so true about the social media and the research! I have my dream job at the moment but if I ever have to leave I imagine I'll need a big refresher on the interview protocols.

    Danika Maia

    1. Its scary, we forget our lives are pretty much all over the internet these day! Its a very important thing to "clean" xx

  4. My tip is listen to a happy song on your way. It pumps you up and puts a smile on your face!

  5. Great tips! I always research the hell out of the company too, but I love Becky's comment about listening to a happy song!

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  6. Love these tips, especially the reminder to clean up your social media!

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’

  7. Great tips, Chloe! And they’re very on point, particularly that one about social media. A lot of job hunters do look at their potential applicant’s Facebook profiles or pages, so it's best to be careful. You wouldn’t want to lose that job because of something you’ve posted that paints a negative image of yourself.

    Waylon Grimm @ All Force Labour Solutions