My Lazy Red Lip Tutorial...

I love a good red as much as the next person, but it can be very fiddly and messy, getting on your teeth and even your face if you're lucky...and then after a few hours you find it pretty much all come off and you're left with is a faint reminder of what was..or maybe something less dramatic than that... haha! 
But nonetheless, its is a pain it the bootay to say the least, that is why lip stains are the way forward. I honestly don't know how I lived before this gem came into my life.. 

I've heard a lot of pretty great thing about Wet n' Wild but unfortunately its not stocked here in the UK.. so when my mum went to Florida last year I took good advantage of that and got her to pick me up some American drugstore goodies. One of the things she did bring back was this Megalast lip product in the shade Red my mind.  Its the perfect cool toned red, so not only is it a really lovely colour, but it also makes your teeth look whiter - Win! 

Enough blabbing from me, I'll give you my step by step guide to achieving this hassle free, long lasting lip look..

-Pre base application: apply a decent lip balm that is going to give your lips a quick nourish before we start applying product..Also lip stains do tend to be rather drying so we want to avoid cakey lips.

- Optional: Line your lips using a matte lip liner, I like to use Mac lip liner in the shade Cherry as it is a really versatile shade. Its also a gorgeous shade to wear alone. I often tend to slightly over draw my top lip as its is significantly smaller that my bottom. If you are looking to over draw I can't tell you how important it is to always use a matte shade.

- Once my liner is applied I apply my Megalast product, keeping it within the line you have created using your liner. Now you do have to work quite fast with this product, and trust me don't get it on your teeth i've made that mistake it is a right pain to get off! It has quite an odd feeling as its drying but once it is dry it is completely matte and doesn't really feel like you have anything on your lips at all. Which for me is perfect!

-Finally, I make those lines extra clean using a Concealer and a brush.

What is your go to red lip product? 
Leave a comment or tweet me, I'd love to know if there are any other reds I should look out for!!

Chloe xx

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