Is it spring yet?

Ok, so its official...Uni swallowed me whole and left me no time to keep up with blogging, buuut after taking a browse around the blogosphere, I realised actually I really enjoy blogging and it is something I am really passionate about - why I let it slip I will never know. Slap on the wrists for me!

But back on topic eh?! Is it spring yet, this winter has d-r-a-g-g-e-d! I am not a great lover of winter as it is, but holy moly this one has been never ending! I am so ready for spring, warm weather, cold drinks the lot. Dreaming of summer is honestly getting me through deadlines! I have so many at the moment, with my second year at Uni fast coming to an end - Which is very scary, only one more year until I'm in the big bad world of employment! AH!
  As you may already have noticed, a few things have changed about me since I last blogged. Firstly, my severe lack of tan - BOO! Also my hair, it is now a lot shorter and brown. My hair whilst blonde always strayed off course to an orange shade, which drove me mad. Its probably because of the many years of dying my hair and that one not so clever time I decided to dye my hair brown/red ( I blame Rihanna for that one) so with all that in mind, I wanted to take my hair back to basics and got the chop around november. Whilst there is still a small amount of dye in my hair the majority is my natural colour so I plan of getting my blonde on again soon..

To start of the weekly posts that WILL be coming is a quick look I pulled together. During winter, I am a stickler for leather, leather and more leather. I think its effortlessly chic, and can be styled in so many ways to create the perfect look. Here i've paired my River Island leather skirt, with a H&M basics striped top, my favourite ASOS pointed chelsea and my Mango Celine-esq bag. I'm not a big jewellery girl, although I wish I was...but i've put on my Mulberry silver clasp to complete the look. I love the way silver jewellery is so versatile, and doesn't have to break the bank to look classy.

I  have not quite got to grips with my tripod so apologies for the lack of shoe in the first image - who knew they could be so confusing! I am going to be really committed with my posting in the coming weeks and months and really am ready to fall back in love with blogging. 

I am hoping to set up a new twitter for my Candidly Chloe blog in the next few days, as currently it is linked with my personal account so its about time to sort that - I'll be sure to let you know when that's going live!

Anyway, thank you for sticking with me,

Chloe xx


  1. How can you manage uni and blogging at the same time?!
    Really lovely outfit, I love the skirt and the stripey top :)
    I'm not much of a jewellery person either, but I'm trying to add more to my outfits

    Neeny x


  2. It certainly isn't easy..Thank you! Yes so am I zara has some really cool minimalistic pieces in at the moment, worth a look!

    Chloe xx