Shay x Quay or Cole Haan?!

It's official, today is the day - the clocks have gone forward, which technically means its spring, but the weather hasn't quite caught up yet..mind you I have so much work to do so going out an enjoying the sun wouldn't even be an option, so on second thoughts stay cloudy and grey until my hand-in on the 23rd of April...k?

As we are creeping into sunglasses season, I wanted to take a look in TK Maxx to see what they had to offer, before I went and had an unnecessary splurge. I have had my eye on the Shay x Quay collection that Quay brought out a couple of months ago and especially the "Midnight Runner" style. So when I saw an almost identical pair for £12.99 I had to get them! 

They are a flat top square shape with a Chanel-esq black and see through combo. Now, usually I feel black sunglasses just don't suit my complexion so I tend to stick to tortoise shell, but as these do have the fade on them I feel like they are a good inbetween. This is the first time I have ventured out of the usual big "Victoria Beckham circa 2005" sunglasses so it was a little bit of foreign territory, but after a read up of what shapes suit my face shape, and trying them on AND the fact that they were £12.99 I was sold! 

The brand of sunglasses are by Cole Haan who aren't so big over here but are an All-American brand, similar shapes to Ralph Loren and even Jack Wills back in the day. I can't find a name for the sunnies but the code is "C612210" if that helps, an additionally they were originally $78.00! WIN! So overall I am a happy bunny, not only are these gorgeous but they have saved me a fair amount of money! 

TK Maxx can be so overlooked, and I put my hands up to not really considering it when shopping, but if your prepared for a serious bargain shopping trip TK Maxx is 100% a one stop shop for everything!

Have you found any goodies in TX Maxx
I feel a may become obsessed! 


  1. TX Maxx is known as Winners here in Canada (I think) and it's amazing! There are so many designer goods going for a very low price.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. I know right, I can't believe i've only just started seeing how amazing it is!! xx

  2. Hi Chloe, those sunnie are so cool. I love TKMaxx, when lived in London, I was always there browsing for gems. Love their homeware section too. Thanks for joining me on Bloglovin, I joined you too.

    Jo | Say Cheesy Cake
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    1. Thank you! 100% I will definitely be spending more time in there in the future! I've I'll follow you on Insta now! :)

      Chloe xx