Recent Purchases - Thank The Lord For Student Loans.

Sorry for the absence, I've been settling into my new house and getting back into the swing of Uni. We've immediately been hit with an abundance of work so that hasn't exactly helped the lack of posts but hopefully i'll get into a nice little routine and be able to get at least a post up a week again!

Thank the lord for student loans! EVERYTHING has run out at once, I had to buy new concealer, new mascara, new micellar water, more of my clinique skincare so along with these I decided to pick up a few items that it'd been lusting over for a while now - why not....I've been working hard all summer and it's okay to treat yourself now and then...right?!

Lets start with the beyond gorgeous YSL lipstick - it is from the 'Rouge Pur Couture' collection and in the colour 01. Now this is in my opinion a gorgeous universally sexy red that will look beautiful on a range of skin colours. It is also that type of red that makes your teeth look nice and white - winner. I have only used this product once but the longevity is amazing, I reapplied once after I had eaten and that is it! It doesn't have that horrid tacky feeling that some semi-matte lipsticks have, but it is scented, I can't quite put my finger on the notes but there is definitely a floral scent to it.  

Whilst at the YSL counter I tried the new fusion foundation, and oh my it was something else. I was matched to being in between shades B40 and B50 but as my summer tan fades I will probably end up as a B40. Unfortunately, they didn't have any testers in that day so I couldn't take it home for a play but this foundation is definitely on my hit list for a future purchase. 

Next is the Laura Mercier oil free tinted moisturiser in the shade sand. I have been eyeing this product up for months, seen endless reviews about it but just couldn't decide because of the price. ( It retails at £34 Link here ) I'd popped into John Lewis, and luckily for me they had a student event on so I bought it for £27, which still isn't exactly cheap but I felt happier purchasing it at that price. So far so good, the coverage is light-medium, but is definitely buildable it matches fab against my Pro-longwear concealer in NC30. When wearing it with a primer I have no problems, but if I forget this step I have found that it does oxidise slightly, and comes off to the touch. I have just ordered the EX1 Cosmetics Liquid Foundation in F200, as I have heard great things about it and I do want a foundation with a slightly bit more coverage than the tinted moisturiser for those bad skin days. 

Can we please just have a moment for these badboys....Topshop and their shoes never EVER fail to amaze me for all the right reasons. I saw these and immediately fell in love! All my heels are very similar so I had wanted something that looked slightly different for some time. Now if you shop at Topshop regularly you know they're not the cheapest, but you are buying quality and craftsmanship within their designs. For £55 I think these shoes are a bit of a steal really, they are called The Roxy Heel. I just love the studded detail and the over the foot design - they reminded me very much of Kim K. 

Have you tried any of these products? Has anyone tried anything from the EX1 range, I would love to know your views?


  1. Gorgeous purchases!


  2. that lipstick is such a beautiful shade x

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