Sorry for the lack of posts over the past week, I  have been feeling like crap. I had the most horrid cold, it just drained everything out of me, all I wanted to do was sleep, and have a "The 100" binge,  but today i'm feeling a lot more human hence back to the blogging schedule. 

Once again, all black err'thaaang. I'm not a fan of a skin tight silhouette so the boxy shape this outfit makes is a big hit with me. The jumper is a Mango sale purchase, I love the oversized feel it gives, its VERY thick so nice and cosy for winter. It also has ridges which again adds to the oversized feel of the look. Paired with a leather skirt and brogues = simple, easy yet chic. 
I'm really inspired by parisian chic, everything is so simple yet it looks so pulled together. 

Anyway, back to uni work for me - 8 weeks to go until the end! Wish me luck! 

Chloe x


  1. such a beautiful outfit. i love all black outfits the most probably.


  2. All black errythang is definitely the way forward!! Love the oversized jumper and leather skirt together - totally feeling the Parisian vibes! Good luck with all your uni work too :)
    Laura x FloraLooTwo