Vaseline Spray & Go Review

I'm the first to admit I am not great at the whole moisturising my body thing..Firstly, I'm lazy, secondly I HATE that slimey mingin feeling it leaves on my hands and well... on my body for the next half an hour/fourty minuites..Its just not for me.

So when this was launched last year I was over the moon and thought "YES WINNER, THIS IS RIGHT UP MY STREET"...so off I went to Boots, only to find they wanted £7 for it. I get it was just launched  and all that jazz, but crikey was it liquid gold or something?! I was not a happy camper.

So fast forward to now, still a lazy moisturiser, but haazaar its not £7 any more - Thank the moisturiser gods! I was picking up some deodorant in my local Superdrug and noticed that they had the Vaseline Spray and Go on sale for £3.99...thats more like it!
Obviously I jumped at the chance to get it, and I am SO glad I did!

There are 3 in the collection currently, an aloe vera, a coca butter and this oat based one. If i'm honest it was all a bit of an exciting blur for me so I just picked any up and got to the counter, but i'm pretty happy with the one I did buy! 
This is the PERFECT lazy girl moisturiser, the spray feature..I mean why didn't anyone think of this earlier!
It dispenses just the right amount of product, you simply hold the bottle 4 inches away and spray!
It is not greasy, and sinks in within 30 seconds - 1 minute which for me is pretty ideal..I can literally just spray and go..get my post shower comfy clothes on. 

Have you tried any of the other Vaseline Spray & Go products?

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Til' next time..


  1. I've been wanting to try this because I am SO lazy with moisturising as well - will definitely have to pick it up seeing as it's on sale in Superdrug as well!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. 100% give it a go...I'm onto my second bottle now. Its a game changer! xx

  2. I am so lazy when it comes to moisturising as well but I tried this and it is such a great product. Lovely post.

    1. Me too! Its not even ok how lazy I am! xx