Clothing Haul - Pre-easter lent slip - H&M / Forever21

Ok, so here is the outcome of my ill-fated attempt at giving up shopping for lent. A little pre-easter (so-technically-didn't-finish-lent) haul

It needed to be done, I literally have or I can now say Had no restraint when it came to shopping and my bank balance was often the one who suffered..  so when the day of pancakes arrived mid-Feb, I thought I'd challenge myself to give up my favourite past-time shopping..  a few times I nearly dropped the ball as the age old problem arose 'I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR' as I stare into a wardrobe full of clothes, But I pushed past this and I kinda nearly completed Lent - YAAAY. Now, as you can probably tell this haul is going up on Easter Sunday, and Lent ended on Friday ( I think..) so I gave in about a week ago to the lure of online shopping and did buy some goodies. Although I didn't actually complete Lent, I'm pleased with my attempt and my bank balance is a lot happier too.. Now on to the haul. 

I'm in LOVE these Forever21 'Refined D'Orsay Flats', I saw some very similar in Zara a few weeks ago, but the prices tag was on a whole-new-level and plus it was lent so when I found these online for the very reasonable price of £18.90 I couldn't resist. They have a lot of similar styles online, so definitely worth a browse if your into this style of shoe. 

Now on to H&M, These shorts are just lovely, and again at the very reasonable £14.99 I couldn't resist. This pattern is very different to anything I've seen in a while and since a do always gravitate to the same colours  so this pop of pink defo brings something new. Plus these will look great in the summer months both dressed up and dressed down!

I'm rather susceptible to a nice shirt blouse and I really love the colour of this. It came really creased though as you can probably see so a good iron is in order! £7.99

When I opened this top I really wasn't sure and immediately looked if I could unpick the sleeves. The top looked very different online, which can often happen with when buying online, But after I tried it on my mind was changed and it's actually a really pretty top. :) £14.99

This is from their basics range, a plain black 3/4 sleeve top. Easy to throw on with many outfits..but I think it may be a little see through so maybe a vest underneath will be needed. £9.99

Here is a quick example of how I would combine some of the things I bought into a summer-y look. 

I  had to take pictures around these two beauties so thought it would be rude not to pop them in somewhere - They're just too caaauute not to. 

See ya soon, 
Chloe x


  1. Hey! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for the lovely comment. Love your blog, Im now following you on G+ and Bloglovin ;)


  2. You've a great taste for fashion! :)
    I love the shoes ^^
    Martina xx