My Make-up..

This is a little post about the process I undertake to do my makeup and the products I use....

1) Clean and moisturised face, I have oily, spot prone but yet sensitive skin so keeping within my skin care routine is very important otherwise all hell breaks loose on my skin and - ain't nobody got time fow dat...as you can see I have a few blemishes which are mostly acne scars, which I've learnt to accept now but they are a gentle reminder of the importance of skin care!


At this point, I've used my 'Benefit, Stay Flawless 15-hour primer' ( which I must say I have absolutely fallen IN-LOVE with, It is beyond amazing ) I've also applied my 'Benefit, you rebel tinted moisturiser using my real techniques Buffing Brush. I've applied my concealer, Mac pro longwear in shade NC30. I've also brushed through my eyebrows using a stooley brush. 


Finished look ( yaaay ) simply added liquid eyeliner and mascara, a pop of boujours cream coral blush on my cheeks and voila - done. Like I said in an earlier post, in this heat wearing a lot of make-up for me I just can't handle it so this is perfect for me. Obviously if I was heading out of an evening I'd vamp it up, but thats a whole new blog post in itself! ;) 

Chloe xx

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