Benefit and Primark Haul...

This afternoon, I ventured into my local shopping centre type place ( fab explaining eh!? ) to go for a all you can eat chinese - in hindsight not quite so enjoyable in this heat.

We did plan to only enter a few shops in our travels but actually ended up in quite a few, and thus I bought a few goodies!

Benefit ' YOU REBEL' - Tinted moisturizer £24.50

with this heatwave us brits are currently enjoying my make-up routine is a little up in the air. I have two problems with my normal routine, a) I have very oily skin and as my current foundation chanel perfection lumiere does tend to be on the fully coverage side im finding it a little to much for this heat! b) all my foundations are now too light for my skin colour and im walking around with a 'caspar the ghost' like face and tanned body- trust me just is not a good look! There for I was in serious need of a lightweight bb cream or tinted moisturizer that would match my skin tone. Thus we headed to boots, and to my frustration pretty much every high street 'bb' or 'cc' cream even the medium shades had a very pink undertone, which for me is the other end of the spectrum. 
I came across this tinted moisturizer and as the sales assitant explain the premise to me I was sold! 
 The packaging says it is 'A defiantly different tinted moisturier that gives your complexion coverage, moisture and spf protection all in one' which ticks all the boxes for me really. In addition to this the lady explained that it also blends itself perfectly to any skin tone, I went for the shade medium I just hope it lives up the expectations I now have for it! 

Benefit - Stay Flawless 15-hour Primer £24.50

Now, I'm usually a 'stick to what i know' kinda gal when it comes to primer but when the lady swatched it on my hand oh wow, its actually incredible. I kinda relate the texture to that prit-stick you used to have in primary school but a lot more smooth. It feels like it will really help my foundation/BB cream last with that stick! I was so impressed I had to buy it and im so excited to trial this this evening! The packaging says ' Our instant PRO-long primer acts like a magnet to lock on your foundation for 15 fresh & flawless hours ' Now usally when it says it will stay for 15hours it a little bit of an exaggeration but time will tell the more I use it. I will be interested to see how this applys are you are supposed to just 'pritt-stick' your face then blend you foundation over the top with your brush or fingers so I have a funny feeling it may take a while to get used to but we will see!!

Primark 'Love to Lounge' Cheeky Short' £3.50

 In this heat it is far to hot for all the fluffy PJ's I seem to own so it was time to perchase some shorts to sleep in. These are a pink silk material with a cute pattern that are slight ruffled at the bottom, as they're pretty lightweight im hopeful that they will keep me nice and cool during the warm evenings!

Primark Fusha Tank £4.00

I've been eyeing up a very similar top in 'Topshop' for quite some weeks but just couldn't let my self fork out £18 for it - Im so glad I didn't. I came across this and no word of a lie, it EXACTLY the same! I'll be styling this with shorts, skirts the lot is so versitle and as my wardrobe is mostly, black, White and cream I thought a Pop of colour wont harm me! 

Chloe xx

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