...A Little Retail Therapy.

Ok, so as I mentioned in my last post I may have splurged a little this past weekend in Liverpool - but on occasion these things need to be done! ( Thats my excuse anyway ;) )

1- Oh my days, these are my new babies! I saw them in the Kurt Geiger section in Topshop, and immediately fell in love, they're called Grandoise. I usually really struggle with heels finding the right size as i'm a size 5.5, so its either a 5 or a 6, but the 6 fit perfectly in these. So these are a light cream colour which has an overlay of small studded embellishment. The Shape of sophistication of these beauties remind me a lot of the Louboutin Batignolles,  which in my opinion, are insanely 'sexy'. Until I have a pair in my collection these will almost certainly do! I have a couple of events coming up this summer, so I will be getting my moneys worth with these.  

2- I've been looking around for a good pair of black heels for like forever, I've got a pair of 'Flatforms' from last spring/summers H&M collection, but i've really worn them to death now, and im ready to try something new..So again, in Topshop, I stumbled across exactly the type of heels I had in mind. 

I wore these last night for bank holiday sunday, and thankfully they weren't painful at all so that in itself is a great selling point for these shoes!

3-  The last thing I bought in my little splurge was some foundation called Chanel Perfection Lumiere, this one of my first 'High End' Foundations and I have read some great reviews online about it and thus thought I would give it a little go! :) The woman at the Chanel counter said its medium build-able coverage and fab for oily skin, which for me the owner of annoyingly oily skin was a something that really stuck out. 

I often struggle to find the 'perfect colour' in foundations on the highstreet as I'm quite olive, and I feel many of the shades in the UK are very pinky with their undertones therefore finding a perfect yellow undertoned foundation can be very difficult, the closest I've found is Boujours Healthy Mix foundation in shade 53, although this is a reasonably good match for me I feel that sometimes it makes me look 'cakey' and that is not a look I love!! At the counter I explained this issue to the counter assistant and she tested a few shades on my chin. The shade 'Beige' was THE perfect match, I've never seen a foundation match my colouring so perfectly and because of this I had to buy it! 

I haven't had chance to test this out properly yet but as soon as I have I will be writing a review about it. 

Chloe x


  1. I love both heels but my favorite is the first one. A little retail therapy is perfect.


    1. I agree, I'm very susceptible to a good bit of retail therapy..

      Chloe xx