As if we're on the 2nd of March right now, its mad. Time is just flying! I have 6 weeks left until I finish uni, soo I wouldn't mind time slowing down juuuust a little! Speaking of uni, I have been stupidly busy this past week hence the serious lack of posts but this week It's looking like I'll have a little more free time to blog. Always good news!

So lets get onto my favourites for the month. 
I'm going to start with the  Dr. Paw Paw lip balm. It's been soo windy in Liverpool my lips have been so dry. The only thing that has helped is this balm. It's a multi-purpose balm, so you can use it on skin, nails, lips and hair. The wind has even given me dry patches on my face....I NEVER have dry patches. I've been putting this on my wind burn of a night, and it begins soothing it straight away!

I'm throwing it old school with my next favourite, It's the  Lacoste Touch of Pink. This was my go to perfume during school, and for some reason I stopped using it. It's such a lovely spring scent, it's floral but far less so than any Marc Jacobs scent. It's so cheap as well, £20 for a 50ml. Thank you so much. 

The Sanctuary Spa is such an underrated range in my opinion. The products are such a good value for money with equally as excellent effects. My friend recommended this mask to me just under a year ago now, and it is fabulous! You apply it to a damp face and you immediately feel a warming sensation. I love a mask where you can feel it working. I'm trying to get rid of my acne scars and the morning after I've used this I definitely see a difference. 

As we all know  Smashbox are on top when it comes to affordable primers. This little gem is a primer with an added something, dark spot correcting. I can't reaaally tell if it's making a whole lot of difference when it comes to my scars but I like to think it is!

Finally, it's the  Maybelline Colourstay in 107 Fairly Bare. I can NOT rave about this enough! It's the perfect pinky nude! It going on really quite sheer with a pink gloss tinge. In my opinion it's perfect for day and night!

What are your February Favourites? Have you tried any of mine?

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