Boots 3 for 2!

Just a quick one today, as deadlines are getting crazy. 

I have a week and a half left, then i'm FREE...until september.
I really want to have an amazing summer, this academic year has been incredibly stressful for a number of reasons, so giving the elbow to Uni for 5 months on the 23rd will be the dream.
I have a few plans for this summer, I'm going to Florida for a month to visit famalam which I am incredibly excited about..SEPHORA ANYONE?!
Also, there has been word of a potential explore of Europe for a couple of weeks with my chummy which gets me incredibly excited. 

                                          But onto the post eh?

I was back in the 'Shire last week for Easter and my attention may have diverted into Boots, and the 3 for 2 offer may have caught me out. I was having one of those days where everything went wrong, including smashing my phone screen..so the 3 for 2 purchase was obviously justified..

I've been using the MUA eyebrow palette for about 2 years now, but due to re-shaping my eyebrows I've began filling them out slightly differently. The colour in the MUA palette was WAAAY to red-ish and my eyebrows just looked a hot mess. So I Picked up Soap and Glory Archery in the colour "Hot Chocolate." I've used a similar product before, the MAC eyebrow twist pencil but it just ran out so fast that I couldn't justify paying that amount of money to repurchase it. So far I am loving the Archery product, the colour is almost a perfect match for my brows and the spooley on the other end is incredibly useful for those times when you have a bit of a heavy hand and need a bit of a blend.

Next I went for the Seventeen Falsify HD! I have heard such great things about this product, giving natural lengthening with one coat but also with the ability to build for a more dramatic look. What can I say, I am IN LOVE with the product. It is so affordable and really does what it says on the tin! 

For my third item I went for the Rimmel BB Matte Cream in Medium. I'd seen Shani Grimmond on Youtube use this a few times and the coverage for a BB cream was amazing. I've not had the best of luck with BB creams if i'm honest, i've never found one that I love..so I'm hoping this will be the one! The light in this is very pink in its undertones so I had to go for the medium. At the moment this is too dark for me so I will have to wait a while to give it a try but I am excited to give it a whirl. 

Have you been suckered in by the Boots 3 for 2? What did you buy?

Also, do any of my fellow oily skinned ladies have any recommendations for a good BB/CC cream?

See you later...


  1. Oh no, sorry about your phone screen! Where are you going in Florida?


    1. Thank you - It was one of those days! I'm going to the Tampa area, so exciting. xx

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    Mads =)

  3. So jealous you're going to Florida!! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog XX

    The Fashion Road

  4. Replies
    1. I can't wait to try it, I just need a bit more of a tan first! xx

  5. Hi Chloe! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award over on my blog! Check out my blogpost for more information. Love your blog:)

    1. Thank you! I'll be sure to take a look now!