Santorini - My Holiday Essentials.

I'm off to Santorini on Tuesday, I'm VERY excited, so today I started my packing lists, 'to-do' lists, all the pre-holiday essentials, and thought why not do a post of the things I can't live without when on holiday! 

I recently took a trip to my local Matalan to my delight they had some gorgeous bikinis for almost half the price of anywhere else, I picked up a gorgeous bright fushia bikini top and bottom for £8, which I thought was an absolute bargain!! I'd highly recommend Matalan for bikinis to anyone.

Next is my Tangle Teezer, this is an absolute essential not just when on holiday but for life. My hair knots very easily and with this brushing it out isn't the pain it used to be, so this is ideal to just pop in my beach bag to give my hair a quick brush post-swim! 

As anyone knows, sun cream is a must so I picked up a couple of bottles of suncream from Home Bargins ( My new favourite shop - everything is so cheap! ) I got one that I've used before by Garnier and also this Malibu aerosol spray which looks like it will come in useful when applying suncream, cutting out some of the faffing, and plus I love a gimmick!  

Hand sanitiser - a huge must! I picked up this Soap and Glory version at boots. Its a perfect size to just pop in your bag and just whip it out when needed.

I am in love with this Garnier - Intensive 7 day moisturiser, it doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky like so many others tend to do. Moisturising before and whilst and after your holiday is essential to ensure a long lasting tan!

I'm not a huge make-up wear-er whilst on holiday but the Revlon Colourstay in Demure is perfect, it replenishes my lips whilst giving a natural sweep of colour. 

Now the obvious - 
Passport, wouldn't be going anywhere without it!
Hairgrip - get that hair out my way!
Sunglasses - My Beaut Bvlgaris will be worn almost all times!

So, i'm going to be away for a week, so the blog posts will be sparse, but be sure to check out my Instagram as i'm sure they'll be a few obligatory Holiday posts going up on there!

Are you going away this year? Have you been to Santorini, can you suggest anywhere to visit?


  1. Oh my gosh, home bargains is like my life! I pick up all of my essentials from there at half the price of Boots. Ooh and have fun on holiday!

    Cats in Crop Tops

  2. I love the hand maid gel! I swear it's the only hand sanitiser that actually smells nice, rather than all strong and alcohol-y x

  3. I assume you're still in Santorini having the time of your life! :-) Will you post a holiday recap when you're back?

  4. Hope you've been having a great holiday, my tangle teezer also always comes with me everywhere!


    B xx