Bargain Of The Day - Re-Gen Cream

So, First of all, I'd just like to apologise for the severe lack of posts over the past few weeks, I was super poorly for a good week , then i've been busy busy with work, catching up with friends, and booking a holiday ( yaaaas ) but business as usual from now on! 

So back to the post, as I'm sure many of you know by know my problematic skin is the bane of my life, now that i'm just about on top of the breakout situation thanks to Clinique's 3-step System. ( See post here ) My new problem - acne scarring. My scarring isn't the worst and isn't all over my face, but in the areas I do have scarring the marks are quite prominent. After a quick goog' I came across Home Bargains equivalent to bio-oil, but theirs was in a moisturiser formula. Home Bargains + Skin care..Really?! I hear you say, but genuinely for £3 this product is amazing!

 I had low expectations for this as I genuinely took the approach of, 'Oh its from Home Bargains so realistically its not gonna be that great' but how wrong I was. After the first use, my scarring began to fade, and with continual use, slowly but surely, they are disappearing. It does leave a rather greasy feeling on the skin post-use but thats to be expected as it does have the Re-Gen Oil product within the moisturiser. As I do have oily skin, using this morning and night is a bit of a no go for me, but using it of an evening cream gives me exactly the right amount of moisture I need. Now, If you have dry skin I probably wouldn't recommend it as it wouldn't be moisturising enough, and I have heard it can even further dry out skin even more. 

As you can see from the image it has a medium to thick consistency, it soaks in the skin with an average 5-7 minutes as to be expected from a thicker moisteriser, but other than that nothing but positives to say about this product. I have had this in my collection for about 9 months now, and i'm only just now getting to the bottom of the pot. Perfect!

Have you ever tried any skincare products from Home Bargains? Have they worked for you?

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  1. Wow what a bargain! Sounds like the perfect moisturiser, I wonder if its available here in Australia!? Thanks for stopping by my blog, I followed you on Google Plus and Bloglovin, It'd be great if you could follow back! :) x