Bvlgari 8092B Sunglasses - Tortoise Shell

Just a quick post today guys - I'm in the process of doing a guest post blog swap with the lovely Style Like Her, so lots of editing images, and planning posts going on at the moment, but keep your eyes peeled for that post as it should be up within the next few days. 

But onto this one first eh!?

Last year I splurged on these gorgeous Bvlgari sunglasses, I had forever been buying cheap sunglasses and just not getting the level of protection I needed for my eyes - So with this, and the additional thought of they're an investment, and also being something that I could use for years to come, why the hell not! 

I took forever choosing frames that suit my face shape, going from RayBan Aviators, Chanel 5278's, you name them I tried them on. I finally settled on these, with a a slight cat eye effect in the full tortoise shade - I was in love. Not only are they amazing (I'm Biased) they work fabulously with almost every outfit, which of course is a plus!

The only thing I can say has slightly disappointed me is how fast the ear pieces have become loose, maybe this is because I do wear them so often, and I know they're easy to tighten up again, its just it's a bit of a ballache really - But other than that, nothing but good things to say about these. 
I would 100% return to the Bvlgari brand if I were ever looking for a decent pair of sunglasses again. 

These Sunglasses also come with a hard case, with the Bvlgari logo on a small silver plate, in addition to this they come with a cream Bvlgari embellished cloth to clean.. perfect! :)

What are your favourite sunglasses, High Street, or High End?



  1. Really nice shades !


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