#OOTD - Summer Staples

I hope everyone's been enjoying this beautiful weather we've been having as much as I...but being England it was never gonna last (BOOO.) 
Today, I met a few friends for lunch and had a catch-up - which was lurrrbly and here is my OOTD..

It wasn't exactly warm but nor was it cold so this is more of an 'in-between' look. 
I'm wearing mostly H&M, (no shock there) which includes the Jacket, Trousers - Featured here in a previous post, and Sandles. The Jacket and Sandles are my go-to items during the summer months and I got a lot of wear out of both last year. Sadly my shoes are a little worn, and probably should be retired but I can't seem to let go although, I Have seen some very similar ones that have been featured on the beautiful Girl Talk with LLC which I love the look of, and at £12 from Matalan, It just may be the solution to my problem! Yay!

My Top is a recent addition, with thanks to an Oasis giftcard I was given to me at Christmas that decided to resurface not so long ago so I managed to get this for 99p - pretty bargina! Its a shape that is really multifuntional, and works beautifully pared with many things. Just 6 months a go the word 'Crop top' made me picture tacky tight polyester material but my eyes have been opened and I'm 100% converted, I love them. There are so many on the market at the moment that are just lovely, so there may be a few more additions added to my wardrobe soon! As you may or may not be able to see, I've rolled the trousers up to create a cropped leg trouser. I do it with all my trousers, It just gives an outfit a slight edge, and also helps extend my not so long legs. Win - Win! :)

I'm trying to get a bit more wear out of the nail polish's I own, here I'm wearing Barry M - Gelly High Shine in Prickly Pear. I really love how pastels look on the nail especially in summer with a bit of a tan! 

Also a little of point but, my mum has recently bought a Cannon Eos 1100D which these and my next blog images will be taken with, the difference in quality is huge - so i'm a happy bunny!

There will also be a few changes on the blog soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Whats your go to summer item of clothing, or shoe?

See ya soon, 

Chloe xx


  1. I love your shoes! Hate when a favourite pair starts dying but it's always a good excuse to go shopping for more ;) the trousers are gorgeous too! x

    Josie’s Journal

    1. Exactly, I went to find them in H&M the other day, but no where to be found..gutted!


  2. This outfit is just perfect for the British summer, (I am partial to a summery pair of trousers for the warmer months), it has also made me realise how much I need a cute, light jacket like yours!

    Rebecca Kate x
    Charming Skies

    1. They're perfect for the warmer months!!


  3. Great look. Love the trousers :)

    Yazmin xx

  4. I'm loving this look on you!