Happy Easter everyone!
Sadly, my bank holiday weekend has less of the partying and more of the uni work..boooo.
I've got just under 3 weeks until I finish uni for good and I am SOOO excited but yet so nervous I have so much work to do and not a lot of time left to do it, hence the serious lack of activity on here and across my social media but don't fear i'll get back to the schedule once it's all over! buzzing..i'm over education now. 

I've pieced together a simple yet chic look, perfect for drinks with the girls or even a date. I am obsessed with shirts for spring and summer. This top is a BooHoo special, it's rather sheer so perfect to throw on for a warm summers day. I'm hoping to expand my shirt collection, can't go wrong with a white pressed shirt in my opinion they're just so effortlessly chic!
I've styled it with my favourite Zara ripped jeans and these Topshop studded heels. 

What's your go-to spring look?

Chloe xx



As if we're on the 2nd of March right now, its mad. Time is just flying! I have 6 weeks left until I finish uni, soo I wouldn't mind time slowing down juuuust a little! Speaking of uni, I have been stupidly busy this past week hence the serious lack of posts but this week It's looking like I'll have a little more free time to blog. Always good news!

So lets get onto my favourites for the month. 
I'm going to start with the  Dr. Paw Paw lip balm. It's been soo windy in Liverpool my lips have been so dry. The only thing that has helped is this balm. It's a multi-purpose balm, so you can use it on skin, nails, lips and hair. The wind has even given me dry patches on my face....I NEVER have dry patches. I've been putting this on my wind burn of a night, and it begins soothing it straight away!

I'm throwing it old school with my next favourite, It's the  Lacoste Touch of Pink. This was my go to perfume during school, and for some reason I stopped using it. It's such a lovely spring scent, it's floral but far less so than any Marc Jacobs scent. It's so cheap as well, £20 for a 50ml. Thank you so much. 

The Sanctuary Spa is such an underrated range in my opinion. The products are such a good value for money with equally as excellent effects. My friend recommended this mask to me just under a year ago now, and it is fabulous! You apply it to a damp face and you immediately feel a warming sensation. I love a mask where you can feel it working. I'm trying to get rid of my acne scars and the morning after I've used this I definitely see a difference. 

As we all know  Smashbox are on top when it comes to affordable primers. This little gem is a primer with an added something, dark spot correcting. I can't reaaally tell if it's making a whole lot of difference when it comes to my scars but I like to think it is!

Finally, it's the  Maybelline Colourstay in 107 Fairly Bare. I can NOT rave about this enough! It's the perfect pinky nude! It going on really quite sheer with a pink gloss tinge. In my opinion it's perfect for day and night!

What are your February Favourites? Have you tried any of mine?



I've just got back from a few days visiting my bestie in Leeds. I got such a cool vibe from Leeds, everyone dresses cool, there is cool architecture and there are so many cool bars and restaurants - I can NOT believe I haven't been up earlier! 

I've had an interest in art and specifically sculpture for quite a while now so visiting the Hepworth art gallery whilst "up north" was a must! The building itself is incredible and the sculptures inside are pretty ace too, so I'd 100% recommend if you're ever in the Leeds area! 

Whist there I did a quick shoot with my friend for my uni work so I thought whilst I had such a cool background why not kill two birds with one stone! 

I recently bought these pants from ZARA, they're tailored ankle grazers which I think are perfect to be styled from slouchy to going out out.. I've had my eye on a pair on ASOS for a while so when I spotted these in ZARA I had to take the plunge! I think they would look so cool paired with a slouchy tee and a leather but because it was blimmin' freezing I had to wrap up warm, therefore I paired it with a simple grey jump and my ASOS faux shearling jacket and my NIKE trainers - Casual sunday attire!



Sorry for the lack of posts over the past week, I  have been feeling like crap. I had the most horrid cold, it just drained everything out of me, all I wanted to do was sleep, and have a "The 100" binge,  but today i'm feeling a lot more human hence back to the blogging schedule. 

Once again, all black err'thaaang. I'm not a fan of a skin tight silhouette so the boxy shape this outfit makes is a big hit with me. The jumper is a Mango sale purchase, I love the oversized feel it gives, its VERY thick so nice and cosy for winter. It also has ridges which again adds to the oversized feel of the look. Paired with a leather skirt and brogues = simple, easy yet chic. 
I'm really inspired by parisian chic, everything is so simple yet it looks so pulled together. 

Anyway, back to uni work for me - 8 weeks to go until the end! Wish me luck! 

Chloe x



The weather today was perfect for blog picture taking! It was still nippy mind you!
I really love the effect the sun can give an image, there's something really warm about it..

Anyhoo, on to the details, this leather is my absolute go-to I LOVE it. I bought it about this time last year from Mango in the sale, it was reduced from £70 to £20 so I could not turn it down. I do love a good leather, they give outfits a real edge, and that's something I love in my fashion. I'm not a big fan of girly finishings, more of a rough and ready kind of girl. 

Next is this shirt dress ( FIND SIMILAR HERE ) I bought it from Boohoo in the summer but never really got chance to wear it, so i'm lining it up ready for this summer, and if that fails  Australia, it'll defo be warm enough to wear it there! Boohoo have really been upping their game as of late in terms of their designs, I used to think they only really did night out dresses, but boy was I wrong. They have some really nice stuff, and it's soo cheap! TYSM!

I bought these boots whilst I was in America in the summer, they're from a shop called Charlotte Russe..it seemed like our equivalent of New Look. I call these boots my Taylor Swift boots, they just seem like something she would have worn back in the "teardrops on my guitar" days. 

Til' next time.. 



So....I'm going to Australia! I am so unbelievably excited!

Australia is a place I have always wanted to go but really never had the balls. I've always talked myself out of it, it's too far, it's too much money, I've got no one to go with...you catch my drift. That is until my flatmate Amy and I had a "...shall we actually do it" conversation.

Our close friend is currently out in Australia and we had been living vicariously through her Facebook photos, feeling very jealous. One night Amy mentioned that she had always wanted to go...we both had a moment and thought actually, we could do it! BUT where do you start, it's so overwhelming! 

 We sent a quick message to our friend who pointed us in the direction of STA travel. STA travel are a travel company aimed at young adults wanting to travel abroad, they offer trips, flights, visas, travel insurance, you name it they can pretty much do it!

We booked a meeting at our local branch, going in we felt excited but extremely overwhelmed by the prospect but our advisor talked through everything we needed to think about and showed us the deals and packages that STA offer. Our friend had mentioned to perhaps stay away from the packages as they do tend to be overpriced - but I guess they've gotta make their money somewhere. Although we knew we weren't wanting to book a package with them we'd heard they have crazy cheap flights so wanted more information on that. The deals they do on flights are incredible, seriously I have no idea how they make them so cheap but I am certainly not complaining. 

After a good few hours in STA, we needed some time away to speak to our parents and really process all the information we'd been told within the shop. A week later I think it was we happened to browse their website to find that they had a sale on and that our flight from Manchester to Sydney had gone down £50 to £407 (one-way only) Which is an absolute steal!
Needless to say we got our bottoms back to the shop ASAP and booked our flight! STA offer a deal where you can put a deposit down of £49 and pay the rest of as and when you can ( as long as it is all paid 10 weeks before your departure ) so there we are, as easy as that..we're off to Australia in November. 
We still have a lot to figure out and organise but it's all really exciting! 
Now it's time to save save save! 

Have you ever been to Australia, is there anything you recommend doing?
How did you go about saving?



Lets get back to some fashion shall we. 
As much as I love a winter wardrobe, I'm not quite as fond of the weather, gloomy Liverpool student live is very much the mood of the photo! EW!
Only 10 weeks to go, then i'm off flying for the summer, I am so excited to get some travelling under my belt and whilst earning money for my Australia trip, what more can I ask for!? 
When i'm styling, I always think parisian/rocker/gentlewoman..I love minimal styles, and having the ability to invest in pieces that will carry me over from season to season is really a big thing for me. I'm the first to admit that i'm really not a "trend" follower..

This outfit is a perfect example of this! I LOVE this Asos strip vest, its not the conventional vest shape, it's slightly more boxy which I am a big fan of. Sadly, I didn't get to wear this much over summer because it was FREEZING, but i've found a way of taking this piece through to winter and that is by layering it over a simple polo neck top. This one is again from Asos, but i've seen identical ones in primark for pennies! (more fool me) 
I'm living for black on black at the moment so I obviously paired these with my black Topshop Leigh jeans, paired with my Topshop point boots..So there it is! Topshop X Asos simplicity!

On a new note - how amazing is Zayn's Song - CAN NOT stop listening to it!

Chloe x